Chunsheng Fang (Victor Fang), Ph.D

Senior Data Scientist

EMC Greenplum

Email: VIC+FCS  AT GMAIL (remove +)

Currently I am a Senior Data Scientist at Greenplum, EMC Corporation, working on enterprise level large scale machine learning, Big Data Analytics, etc.

Jul 2011 to Jul 2012, I was a Senior Research Scientist @ Riverain Medical and working on the next generation FDA approved industry leading software product for early lung cancer medical images registration and detection, with advanced machine learning techniques.

I obtained my Ph.D from Computer Science @ University of Cincinnati in 2011, where I was a research assistant in CS@UC and BMI@CCHMC. Prior to that I was a Research SDE for intelligent video analysis in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation, Beijing. I got my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from USTC in 2006. Student member in SIAM and IEEE since 2008.

From Apr to Jun 2011,I was a SDE intern @ Payments Platform @, a world-leading team which processes huge amount of global transactions on a cloud computing architecture.

My research interest covers: Machine Learning in social network mining (spectral graph theory, ensemble classifier, graph mining), Computer Vision(Feature representation, indexing), and their combinations in large-scale problems e.g. Information Retrieval, Bioinfomatics. Publications in top research conferences, journals e.g. NIPS, KDD, ICDM, HBM, ICPR, IEEE Trans on Intelligent System, etc.

I served as Vice President in Chinese Students & Scholars Association @ UC 2010-2011, and Secretary in Computer Science Grad Student Association @ UC 2008-2009. Since 2008, I have been the web administrator of the largest online forum in Greater Cincinnati Area with 5,000 users,

Curriculum Vitae upon request.


Medical Imaging In the Cloud – Just a Matter of Time, Apr 2012.

'Jeopardy' features man against machine on WCPO-TV, Feb 14, 2011. [static]

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